Hi, I’m Andrés Izarra, a political technologist specializing in strategic communications. My unique and unconventional journey has led me to construct sustainable media ecosystems for revolutionary political initiatives, institutions, and leaders. I’m committed to designing and upholding messaging capabilities that shape public discourse at every level and throughout the information cycle.

In a world where the competition for public attention is fierce, clever political messaging isn’t enough on its own. It requires a system, a workflow that guarantees it resonates with audiences. That’s where I come in. My work goes beyond individual campaigns. I construct mechanisms, systems that disseminate powerful, consistent messaging across the public space, shaping the political agenda.

With nearly 20 years on the front lines of communication battles, including serving as Hugo Chávez’s Information and Communication Minister, I’ve seen it all. From a media-fueled coup d’Etat to winning two presidential campaigns and participating in over a dozen electoral campaigns of varying scales.



One of my most significant endeavors, a journey that spanned over a decade, was building the strategic capabilities that enabled the government to design, coordinate, distribute, and evaluate ongoing messaging, with the clear goal of fostering an informed public space, influence the public agenda, and shape citizens’ perceptions.

After all, as some say, ‘politics is nothing but political communication,’ which is about shaping ideas within ideological boundaries. My expertise lies in building the communication capacities that political messaging can rely on and reiterate for resonance and influence.

Media Operator

My career began in 1994, in the world of broadcast journalism, working in newsrooms in the United States and my native Venezuela. Politics wasn’t on my roadmap—it was an unexpected detour that I stumbled into more by chance than by choice. Despite not being a career politician, my technical skills unexpectedly led me to public office.

As a generalist, I thrive in making connections among disciplines, and building diverse high impact teams that leave a lasting footprint. Today, in opposition to Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship, I live in exile in Berlin, Germany, alongside my wife, our two kids, and a 2kg Pomeranian.