Maduro is like an anime character, agile but self-destructive

Jeudiel Martínez, a Venezuelan sociologist and writer specializing in communication and based in Brazil, stands out among his generation for the originality of his approach. His analyses often blend anime and Foucault in his caustic interpretations of social and cultural events, offering a unique perspective. His recent article in Caracas Chronicle, “Madurismo’s Electoral Dilemma,” was widely shared and commented on for its interpretation of the December 3 referendum results. In his latest book, Martínez addresses the topic of ‘wokism’.

Surfing Politicians

The article explores the contrast between ‘surfer politicians,’ who adapt to the prevailing political currents, and transformative leaders who challenge the status quo and strive for deep structural change. It advocates for a politics rooted in justice and equity, drawing on Gramsci’s theory of cultural hegemony and the need for a ‘war of positions’ to foster real social change.

The Paradox of Power: Madurismo on Basu's Curve

Madurismo’s grip on power reveals a paradox: the tighter they cling, the more they risk. Drawing from Basu’s model, the article delves into Venezuela’s escalating power dynamics, highlighting internal tensions and international pressures that could shape the regime’s fate.

Trump is Coming For You

As Trump faces another trial, this time accused of conspiring against citizens’ rights, it seems that the essence of American democracy is being tested. Is freedom of expression a valid argument to get the president off the hook?

Permanent Campaign

I waged battles on the intricate and contentious front lines of political confrontation, played in great part on the fields of media. Amidst one of the tumultuous political clashes of the early 21st century, the media played a pivotal role in the overthrow of Venezuela’s democratically elected president, Hugo Chavez. Following the foiled coup attempt, the government finally realized that Chavez’ voice was not enough, that a policy to fortify a counterbalancing media landscape and influence public speech was urgent.