Permanent Campaign

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I waged battles on the intricate and contentious front lines of political confrontation, played in great part on the fields of media. Amidst one of the tumultuous political clashes of the early 21st century, the media played a pivotal role in the overthrow of Venezuela’s democratically elected president, Hugo Chavez. Following the foiled coup attempt, the government finally realized that Chavez’ voice was not enough, that a policy to fortify a counterbalancing media landscape and influence public speech was urgent. In this frame, I became three times head of the Information Ministry and founded the international news channel, Telesur, a pan-Latin American broadcasting venture akin to Euronews or Al Jazeera.

The hurdles, successes, and even the mistakes of those tense years bestowed upon me unrivaled insights and distinctive experiences in the realm of political communications in highly polarised contexts. I build on the learnings from over 14 years fronting the political debate, to aid my clients in devising sustainable and influential speech and media strategies, ensuring their voices echo authoritatively and opportunistic in the public domain. Together with my team, we roll up our sleeves, get into the day to day operation, to help our clients streamline their campaign’s workflows throughout every phase of the information cycle.

Having navigated various critical political arenas, we’ve perfected our ability to discern opportunities to influence public sentiment. Our approach is holistic, focusing on continuous engagement rather than isolated events. As an independent consultant in strategic communications, my primary objective is to harness the power of consistent, potent, and enduring messaging to shape the information cycle. Below is an outline of our permanent campaign workflow, aimed at empowering our clients:

Situational Awareness: Every day, our expert team performs a deep-dive situational analysis to pinpoint opportunities to boost our client’s public influence. We rigorously scrutinize public discourse, sentiment, and real-time polling data to fuel our analysis. Utilizing cutting-edge sentiment analysis tools and direct observation, we feel the beat of public opinion on trending issues. Our comprehensive daily report transcends routine insights and furnishes our client with a tailored tactical proposal to seize on public opportunities to advance their presence in the public space.

Strategic Implementation: As soon as the decision-maker finalizes choices presented in the report, our team springs into action. We carefully frame the message, set the stage, and devise the appropriate dramaturgy. We lay out a meticulous action plan, replete with a detailed timeline, mise-en-scène, and projected outcomes. We quickly coordinate relevant members of our client’s organization into the plan, while our production team ensures the perfect setting.

Phased Execution: Every action plan we develop is meticulously segmented into three critical stages: pre-event, during the event, and post-event. For each stage, we outline a robust suite of actions, delivering a cohesive, impactful, and measurable strategy from inception to conclusion.

Integrated Communication Strategy: We offer an integrated approach to strategic communications, uniting the creation of incisive Op-Eds, press releases, and public statements with the orchestration of high-impact press conferences, exclusive interviews, and expansive public events. Each element of our strategy, from text-based content to live events, is carefully designed to work in synergy, amplifying your message across diverse media platforms.

Tactical Amplification: Our tactical execution goes beyond mere text. We identify essential talking points, curate captivating social media content, and stage impactful events and rallies that seize public focus. Whether it’s framing an intricate policy discussion, crafting compelling brand narratives, steering through crisis communications, mobilizing grassroots enthusiasm, running digital activism platforms, or fostering community interaction, our vast experience assures flawless execution of every facet of our client’s public messaging.

Post-Event Optimization: Post-event, we concentrate on maximizing message distribution across diverse media channels, from earned media placements to social media ecosystems. Our content is also repurposed for promotional spots, suitable for both television and social media. Real-Time Feedback & Continuous Improvement: Concurrently, our monitoring team gathers data on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess messaging impact. Phone polls may be conducted, and a new daily report is generated overnight to inform our client of the message’s public reception and potential future opportunities.

Iterative Excellence: This cyclical approach allows us not just to assess but to refine our strategies continuously. Our ultimate aim? To maximize the reach, resonance, and recall of our client’s messages among their target audiences, progressively perfecting our tactics over time.